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Secret #47 / Bars

Banfield Teatro Ensamble

It’s all staged

Were we in the right place? On arriving at the address we had been given, we started second-guessing our scouts. We were standing outside a private house! It wasn't until we pushed its door open that it all became clear to us. Turns out that we were in the secret headquarters of the Banfield Teatro Ensamble, an independent arts company that stages plays and musical performances in this private space. We made our way to the bar, ordered a drink and waited for the show to start. Stop by here for a spectacular show... Curtains up!

P.S. This building also houses a restaurant, an art gallery and a room where lectures and workshops take place.


Lomas de Zamora
Larrea 350
4392-2011 / 4243-0928
Published on:
6 March 2013

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