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Adentro Dinner Club

Eat like us

"Salud! Cheers!" we clinked glasses toasting to health, our scout and above all else, more food. Sitting in a home in Palermo chatting in English we silently thanked our scout for his glorious finds. Tonight it was Adentro Dinner Club: every Wednesday Gabriel and Kelly open their home (and their kitchen) and host a traditional family-style "asado" for their multi-cultural guests - we all sat at their dining table sharing our stories and getting to know one another. Outside Gabriel was on the grill showing the six steps it takes to achieve mouth-watering ribs, while his wife Kelly prepared the salads. Come hungry, stay for the conversation, leave with a full heart!

P.S. Before you help yourself to their delicious chimichurri sauce, check out past fun dinners at Adentro Dinner Club!

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