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Puentes Amarillos Club de Arte

Bridges of art companies

He looked like he wanted to gobble us up. But why? All we'd done was follow his directions to Retiro and found the house with the tiny "yellow bridge." When we pushed open the door and went up the stairs (we couldn't miss the darling interior balcony) we understood the reason he was revealing his teeth: inside the hidden rooms of Puentes Amarillos Clue de Arte all types of art classes were taking place -our scout had enrolled in the theater workshop and his troll persona was spot on! As we joined in the fun, we learned that they also offer classes in flamenco, tango and musical instruments (from the guitar and piano to the sax and the bandoneon.) What more art do you need to gobble up?

P.S. Check out Puentes Amarillos Clue de Arte on Facebook for their upcoming shows.


1230 Libertad St.
11 4815-9292
Published on:
13 February 2014

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